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MPA Mode experimental

MPA (Multi-Page Application) mode can be enabled via the command line via vitepress build --mpa, or via config through the mpa: true option.

In MPA mode, all pages are rendered without any JavaScript included by default. As a result, the production site will likely have a better initial visit performance score from audit tools.

However, due to the absence of SPA navigation, cross-page links will lead to full page reloads. Post-load navigations in MPA mode will not feel as instant as in SPA mode.

Also note that no-JS-by-default means you are essentially using Vue purely as a server-side templating language. No event handlers will be attached in the browser, so there will be no interactivity. To load client-side JavaScript, you will need to use the special <script client> tag:

<script client>
document.querySelector('h1').addEventListener('click', () => {
  console.log('client side JavaScript!')

# Hello

<script client> is a VitePress-only feature, not a Vue feature. It works in both .md and .vue files, but only in MPA mode. Client scripts in all theme components will be bundled together, while client script for a specific page will be split for that page only.

Note that <script client> is not evaluated as Vue component code: it's processed as a plain JavaScript module. For this reason, MPA mode should only be used if your site requires absolutely minimal client-side interactivity.

Released under the MIT License.