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You may choose the page layout by setting layout option to the page frontmatter. There are 3 layout options, doc, page, and home. If nothing is specified, then the page is treated as doc page.

layout: doc

Doc Layout

Option doc is the default layout and it styles the whole Markdown content into "documentation" look. It works by wrapping whole content within vp-doc css class, and applying styles to elements underneath it.

Almost all generic elements such as p, or h2 get special styling. Therefore, keep in mind that if you add any custom HTML inside a Markdown content, those will get affected by those styles as well.

It also provides documentation specific features listed below. These features are only enabled in this layout.

Page Layout

Option page is treated as "blank page". The Markdown will still be parsed, and all of the Markdown Extensions work as same as doc layout, but it wouldn't get any default stylings.

The page layout will let you style everything by you without VitePress theme affecting the markup. This is useful when you want to create your own custom page.

Note that even in this layout, sidebar will still show up if the page has a matching sidebar config.

Home Layout

Option home will generate templated "Homepage". In this layout, you can set extra options such as hero and features to customize the content further. Please visit Default Theme: Home Page for more details.

No Layout

If you don't want any layout, you can pass layout: false through frontmatter. This option is helpful if you want a fully-customizable landing page (without any sidebar, navbar, or footer by default).

Custom Layout

You can also use a custom layout:

layout: foo

This will look for a component named foo registered in context. For example, you can register your component globally in .vitepress/theme/index.ts:

import DefaultTheme from 'vitepress/theme'
import Foo from './Foo.vue'

export default {
  extends: DefaultTheme,
  enhanceApp({ app }) {
    app.component('foo', Foo)

Released under the MIT License.